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5021 Ball Road Cypress, CA 90630

Performance & Protective Sunwear

We have a great new line of performance sunwear & protective sports eyewear frames for all ages.

Perfomance sunwear is ideal for golfing, fishing, cycling, and motorcycling and provide protection from wind, dust, and debris. These frames come with straight temples to fit under helmets and allow for ventilation.

Protective sports eyewear frames are designed for bicycle riders, skating and skateboarding, running/jogging, baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, racquetball, and more.

Come in to see our new selection and how they can benefit you.

Clip-on Eyewear

Two new lines of glasses with clips are now available. The first line, Magic Clips, will change your glasses into polarized sunglasses with a quick snap. The Sunlites collection  has 3 pack of clips available for purchase, including a clip for 3D. Come in and try them on today.